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Cashmere is love at first touch. And although we could write much about its softness, delicacy and warmth, no words can convey the amazing impressions that accompany contact with the most luxurious wool in the world. When you put on our cashmere gloves, scarves, hats or cashmere sweater, you will immediately understand what we meant.

Now we do not need to explain where our fascination with cashmere comes from… Fascination gave rise to passion, and passion – determination to find the best wool in the world for our products. In addition to the quality of cashmere, the ethical way of producing it is also important to us. Our factories from Nepal and Mongolia have certificates confirming that there are decent working conditions there, and the wool is sourced in a responsible manner. MINOU Cashmere products are created in the spirit of sustainability, and this is very important to us – cashmere is nature’s perfect creation. This is the way we want to repay nature for this wonderful gift.