About us

Natalia Rochacka, Founder of Minou Cashmere

MINOU Cashmere was born out of my fascination with cashmere; out of my love for this exceptional fabric – and it was love at first sight, or rather at first touch. The world’s most luxurious variety of wool has wooed me with its softness, lightness, warmth, durability and amazing thermo-insulation properties. But most of all, with its beauty.

Collections created in manufactories

After a long search for the best place where I could create cashmere products according to my requirements, I found such a place in far Asia.

Cashmere collections are created partly by hand, in manufactories in Nepal and Mongolia. We use strictly certified yarn, in ethical production process focused on the highest quality of final products. Only non-toxic colorants are used for dying and finishing of products is done by hand.

kaszmirowy szal

What else is special about MINOU Cashmere?

MINOU Cashmere scarves are manufactured in compliance with CSR principles, which support the professional development of women, exclude child labour and protect the environment.

kaszmirowy szal

Top quality

I would like to inspire you to wear cashmere. I would also like MINOU Cashmere products to become the embodiment of a unique gift for someone special – or yourself.
MINOU Cashmere is 100% pure top-class cashmere – an absolute must-have in your wardrobe!

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