Cashmere which brings warmth and joy.

About cashmere

What is cashmere?

Cashmere is often referred to as the most luxurious wool in the world. We owe it to Capra Hisca goats living in remote regions of the Himalayas and Mongolia. Their wool has unique thermal insulation properties which help these animals withstand temperatures reaching several dozen degrees below zero, and on warm days they are extremely effective in removing heat and moisture. Cashmere therefore has excellent thermoregulatory properties, but it is also lighter and up to eight times warmer than sheep’s wool.



Where does our certified cashmere come from?

The best types of cashmere are produced by masters in their trade, who for decades have specialized in breeding goats, ethically obtaining wool from them and preparing the best material from it. All MINOU Cashmere products are made of cashmere from Nepal and Mongolia. There, we found the right partners who have not only passion and experience, but also certificates confirming activities in line with our values.



Does sourcing our cashmere hurt goats?

Absolutely not! We are 100% sure that in the process of obtaining wool for MINOU Cashmere, animals are not harmed even to the smallest extent. Our suppliers must regularly present us with up-to-date certificates that confirm the ethical sourcing of wool and the proper treatment of goats. Sourcing the best material takes time, patience and precision – there are no shortcuts here.


Why is cashmere more expensive than other materials?

When one sheep produces several kilograms of wool per year, the wool obtained from the Capra Hisca goat can be counted only in a few hundred grams. The time and cost of obtaining material for one cashmere goat sweater are therefore incomparably greater than those needed for a sheep wool sweater. The process of weaving cashmere products is also very time-consuming – in the case of a scarf, it can take up to 100 working hours. This is because MINOU Cashmere clothes and accessories are largely woven by hand.


How to care for cashmere?

Cashmere is a unique material and everything that is unique requires special treatment. The way of washing cashmere depends on many factors, and every detail plays a significant role. We do not need to know if the material was woven or knitted, how many threads were used in the yarn, etc. It is important that masters from our manufactories know this and they recommend the right way to wash individual products. Their experience in this matter is invaluable and irrefutable, therefore they enjoy our full trust. The answer to the question of how to wash MINOU Cashmere products is therefore simple: always follow the instructions on the tags attached to our cashmere scarves, sweaters, hats and gloves.


Does cashmere pill?

Like other wools, cashmere pills after some time, which is a completely natural process. The pilling of this material is only the evidence of the purity of cashmere wool and of the absence of artificial yarns.


How to distinguish genuine from a fake cashmere?

Counterfeit cashmere is usually made of a mixture of sheep’s or yak’s wool, or even acrylic (a type of synthetic fiber that is very soft to the touch). So how do we know that we are dealing with non-original material? Here the elements come to our aid – fire and water.




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