Why is cashmere more expensive than other materials?

When one sheep produces several kilograms of wool per year, the wool obtained from the Capra Hisca goat can be counted only in a few hundred grams. The time and cost of obtaining material for one cashmere goat sweater are therefore incomparably greater than those needed for a sheep wool sweater. The process of weaving cashmere products is also very time-consuming – in the case of a scarf, it can take up to 100 working hours. This is because MINOU Cashmere clothes and accessories are largely woven by hand.

This is a process that should not be rushed – thanks to this, hours of tedious and craftsmanship work are reflected in the excellent quality and durability of the material. The finest cashmere products are like wine – the older the better, because they become even more beautiful with time.

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