Where does our certified cashmere come from?


The best types of cashmere are produced by masters in their trade, who for decades have specialized in breeding goats, ethically obtaining wool from them and preparing the best material from it. All MINOU Cashmere products are made of cashmere from Nepal and Mongolia. There, we found the right partners who have not only passion and experience, but also certificates confirming activities in line with our values.

Cashmere is one of the most wonderful materials given to us by nature. We want to pay nature back by sourcing it responsibly. In the manufactories with which we cooperate, all stages of sourcing and production comply with the principles of ethical business, women’s development is supported, and production processes are carried out with respect for the natural environment. Our partners strictly adhere to these rules, and their involvement in the life and solving problems of local communities was for us an important argument for cooperation.

Each MINOU Cashmere product made in a Nepalese manufactory has an individual hologram, which confirms the highest quality of the material. This mark is awarded by the Chyangra Pashmina organization, which brings together manufacturers of the best quality cashmere products from Nepal. This is an elite group of manufactories whose material has passed laboratory tests confirming high quality of the wool. Each product gets its own individual number, which is shown on the hologram attached to the tag. You can check this number on the Chyangra Pashmina website and confirm the authenticity of the product, its origin and method of production.

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