How to care for cashmere?

Cashmere is a unique material and everything that is unique requires special treatment. The way of washing cashmere depends on many factors, and every detail plays a significant role. We do not need to know if the material was woven or knitted, how many threads were used in the yarn, etc. It is important that masters from our manufactories know this and they recommend the right way to wash individual products. Their experience in this matter is invaluable and irrefutable, therefore they enjoy our full trust. The answer to the question of how to wash MINOU Cashmere products is therefore simple: always follow the instructions on the tags attached to our cashmere scarves, sweaters, hats and gloves.

After proper washing, cashmere products benefit from becoming softer and fluffier, and there is no problem with linting and pilling. We recommend storing cashmere scarves and sweaters on top in a wardrobe or drawer to avoid crushing them and to allow the material to breathe.

It is also important not to wear cashmere items every day, to give them a ‘rest’. When your cashmere items are stored on the shelf, the fibres naturally return to their original shape, thus extending the time they remain in perfect condition.

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